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At A & M Instruments our focus for almost 40 years has been manufacturing high quality diamond tools. Manufacturing diamond tools and burs for the dental, medical, industrial and do-it-yourself markets is our passion. And our passion translates into diamond tools and burs perfect for your patient or project. Quality, concentricity, durability time after time. We are A & M Instruments.

Industrial Diamond Tools on Sale

A & M Instruments manufactures diamond rotary tools for endless industrial applications including glass and stone, wood, metal, and plastics. We also provide Swiss screw machining services. Basically anyone who uses a diamond rotary tool to do anything from grinding the head off a nail to building cell phones or fabricating aerospace parts. A & M Instruments has the diamond rotary tool for the job.

Did You Know?


October 01, 2015

If you are a dentist or work for a dentist, I'll bet you didn't know A & M Instruments makes diamond tools for aerospace, stone fabrication, and semiconductor manufacturing, did you? If you like to make jewelry and sell it on Etsy, I'll bet you never thought about your dentist using the same great tool to drill your cavity. Are you a fabricator? The same quality manufacturer of the diamond rotary tools you used at work last week is the same manufacturer that made the tool that drilled the hole in that beautiful pendant. Diamond rotary tools and burs are amazingly versatile. A & M Instruments diamond rotary tools and burs are used around the globe every day in many...

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